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Peer-Reviewed Publications

"Authoritarian Audiences: Explaining Subnational Variation in North Korean Propaganda" Journal of Comparative Politics (2023)

"Does Grand Theory Shape Officials' Speech?" European Journal of International Relations (2021)

"The Evolving State of the State in IPE" Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy (2021)

"Deindustrialization and the Demand for Protection" Business and Politics (2021)

"The Longer You Wait, the Longer it Takes: Presidential Transition Planning and Appointment Politics" Congress and the Presidency (2021)

Hegemonic instability: complex interdependence and the dynamics of financial crisis in the contemporary international system European Journal of International Relations (2020)

The “Nuclear Option” Has Fizzled, Again: Here’s Why and What to Do about It Presidential Studies Quarterly (2020)

The Systemic Causes of Financial Crises in the 19th CenturyBusiness and Politics (2017)

Other Publications

Trump is setting records in how few people he has appointed — and how long they take to confirm” The Monkey Cage, 1/18/2018

"Why does it take so long to confirm Trump's appointments?" The Monkey Cage, 4/24/2019

"The nuclear option has fizzled again" LegBranch, 1/17/2020

Presidential leadership and initiative in appointments politics The White House Transition Project

Working Papers

Current drafts of my working papers can be found here: